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  As we know, in fact, the relationship between art and work is not much. This is a bad habit in the painter's performance. It is influenced by social factors, but also has certain relationship background and experience. Due to the lack of personal achievements, low status and loose integrity, even in some famous painters, it can smell the flavor of Jianghu more or less.
  In fact, today's society is not only a charlatan, a charlatan entrepreneur and collector, or even a charlatan official. Entrepreneurs and collectors are the economic basis for the survival of the artists in the Jianghu. Officials are the basis for the artists in the Jianghu to maintain their artistic privileges. If there is no such person in the society, the charlatans will not be easy to get along with, or their bodies will not be so swollen. The painters in the Jianghu are not professionals in the art world, but the reflection of social phenomena in the art world.
  Whether a quack is a quack or not is the easiest to judge only from the general standard of painting level and aesthetic level. What people often ignore is the destruction and profanity of the artistic habits and the betrayal of the spirit of Chinese traditional culture. As long as an artist deviates from the norms, he can't abide by the intellectuals and integrity, and become so stale and traditional Chinese cultural spirit, so in my opinion, no matter how you have been in the academic position, no matter your head shining on the province, city or even Research Institute, college or association, you are still just an artist in the Jianghu.
  In recent years, the term "quack" has been used more and more frequently in the field of literature and painting. People in the industry are also discussing and criticizing the so-called quack. Charlatans have become a phenomenon in the art world, which has triggered discussions on art and rubbish, beauty and ugliness, mainstream classics and edge, market and speculation.
  Everyone has a different image and judgment standard of charlatans. For example, some painters in the system, especially those with "official" status, often accuse some artists outside the system of being charlatans, who like to be innovative and make their personalities known. But more common painters can't bear to see some big men of museums, painting academies and associations, who make up a group of four corners of the painting world of villains.
  I think when people criticize and argue about what is a charlatan and what is dangerous, they should first find out what the painter is. Who can be called a painter?
  It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of painters of different identities in China, which is the biggest period since there are painters in Chinese history, although most of them have mediocre artistic achievements and limited painting skills. But this is indeed an era of geometric growth of painters, which is a good thing from the perspective of art popularization, but from the perspective of art and market, there are not so many painters in China now.
  I once said, "home" is a very serious title, which can't be accepted by ordinary people. It's a kind of ability, which is enjoyed by a person who studies well. Singers who like singing can be called singers, so pop singers can be called singers, rarely praised as singers; just as the film and television industry can call an artist who likes to perform as a movie star, actor or movie star, behavioral artists are rare. The same is true in the art and calligraphy and painting circles. Most of the so-called painters in this circle can actually be called painting. Painting is just like painting people, or as Wu Guanzhong said, it's artists and art lovers.
  Painters are not casual. They can be called painters. It means that a person with great painting ability must have a natural talent and talent for accidents. First of all, work is Chinese traditional ink and emotional style Kung Fu, which is a kind of emotional expression and similar to personal life. Even in the face of such a seemingly simple standard, contemporary artists have even become members of China Artists Association, and some people are not qualified to be called as painters. If one keeps several subjects of art life to eat, several shapes, without any inheritance and development, pen and ink, collection, trapped in the past, the same barren land, this is not qualified to be a painter Of course, let alone a famous man?
  Simply put, "Jianghu" is not a derogatory term. Jianghu is society. In a sense, we are all people in the Jianghu. The so-called "people in the Jianghu, involuntarily" has become a feeling of many people. Some painters in the system have a sense of superiority. They like to be called painters in the system of artists in the Jianghu. This is a very boring system discrimination. Some immature collectors also have a similar understanding. This is based on the wrong art office unit. In fact, it is still a statue of the "master". The "director" is a big idea at work. If the system is regarded as the difference between the charlatans, it is obviously absurd that Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian, the masters of modern painting and calligraphy, also want to be included in the ranks of the charlatans. From the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to now, countless painters have been written. Most of the sages and sages of the past dynasties are in the "system". Even though the "Western Sichuan Art College" was accidentally in the five generations, the "Information Art College" was broadcast in the "Shaoxing College" of the Northern Song and Southern Song Dynasties, and the "Best Museum" of the Qing Dynasty was painted for several years, it is not a copper yamen, iron rice bowl, or old, mixed local life.
  The most fundamental problem of Jianghu swindlers is the loss of life and morality without bottom line. When it comes to Jianghu swindlers, people often think of those ugly wild chicken paintings, which are similar to the image of the powerful ball mixed Jianghu swindlers sold by the old Beijing overpass. In fact, today's Jianghu artists often sit in temples, and many people still worship them.
  Since the system, identity and status can not be used to distinguish, then what are the charlatans? What are the criteria for judging the charlatans? Painters are artists and craftsmen. For art, they should also abide by the work guidelines of traditional Chinese craftsmen. There should be a more strict bottom line and moral standards, from the bottom line, the problem of the painter's character, the problem of his character, and the painter's Jianghu. Quack painters, not that people are quack, but that a habit, a quack habit, that is, the artist's own character, quality, education have too many defects.
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